Some of are traders are offering click/dial & collect/delivery:

Markets are about community, relationship & supporting local business, this means supporting our local community and its customers.

Due to the on-going pandemic and in a bid to increase business some of our stalls are offering 'click & collect', 'dial n reserve' and even delivery services directly to YOU.

Please use the numbers below to contact one of the participating stalls directly.

Cousin's Fruiterers - Fresh Fruit & Veg

call/text Phil: 07956193069

Halligan Meat - Butcher  (WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY ONLY)

text/whatsapp Jack: 07469702759

Rios Diner - Street Food  (FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY)

call/text Lea: 07714632733

Andrews Fresh Fish - Fresh Fish  (WEDNESDAY ONLY)

call/text Andrew: 07967209689

East Point Fish - Fresh Fish  (FRIDAY ONLY)

call/text Jon: 07805719103

Tikka Delight - Street Food  (FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY)

call/text Imran: 07956050109

Yum Yum Thai - Street Food  (WEDNESDAY ONLY)

call/text Orathai: 07935398787

also on Deliveroo

Da Noot Thai - Street Food  (FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY)

call/text Da: 07588501704